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Sexual & Drug User Health Onboarding Series


Welcome to the Academy’s Sexual & Drug User Health onboarding series. This series will provide you with a baseline knowledge of essential information that will support you in your role as a new worker. You can use this series as an onboarding tool or refresher training. This training includes 8.5 hours of training material. 

An HCV and HIV onboarding worker series will be coming soon. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide a baseline knowledge of essential information that will support you in your role working with clients.
  • Develop baseline knowledge around understanding client needs and how to support clients compassionately. 
  • Increase knowledge of stigma and harm reduction principles
  • Develop workers’ self-care practices 


  1. Complete the self-paced training series by clicking on the “enter” button for each course. After you complete each course, you will see the updated status on your learner dashboard. Make sure you have your cookies enabled on your computer in order to track your completion status.
  2. Once you have completed your onboarding or refresher training, go to your learner dashboard. In the completed courses section, enter a date range and click on “print transcript.”
  3. Save your transcript as a pdf and upload it to the Training Record Upload tab found at the bottom of this page. If you have already completed any of the following courses, you do not have to retake the training. Your completion should already be recorded on your transcript. Just make sure that the date range you choose include the dates when you have completed the course.
  4. On completion of the series and submission of transcript record, a course administrator will review your record. Once approved by the administrator, you will receive a certificate of knowledge in the role.

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