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About WISE Health

WISE Health, founded in 2015, aims to work with organizations to design, implement, and evaluate solutions to major public health issues that impact African American communities. The model for WISE Health was created as a result of the overwhelming and constant observations of the need for more innovative, tailored, and relevant approaches to health and wellness for vulnerable populations living throughout the Bay Area. We believe that community and technology-driven innovation can improve health outcomes, create healthy communities, and inform health policies. To read more about WISE Health’s mission, please visit the WISE Health website.

Contact WISE Health:

Please visit our website for more information. If you have any questions about WISE Health or are interested in completing this workshop series in a group setting, call us at (415) 312-3578 or email us at brittney@wise-health.org.

About the DESIGN YOUR COMMUNITY Workshop Series

We are excited to bring you an amazing opportunity for individuals working within the community health sector, focusing on African American communities.  This professional development opportunity is designed to increase innovation and problem-solving skills to help address community needs. In this workshop, you will create a solution that aims to end the current HIV epidemic impacting vulnerable African American communities throughout San Francisco.

This workshop series was created in response to the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Ending the Epidemic (ETE) initiative.

Our workshop utilizes a design thinking approach, a popular problem-solving tool that puts human and community needs at the center of the process. The workshop will focus on three areas: empathy, ideating, and prototyping. This will help develop a tailored community health solution geared towards ending the HIV epidemic and advancing health equity. The skills will be applied in a simulated activity where you are provided with a current community problem, and you will then have to utilize the design thinking framework to inform a solution. The best part is, you get to do it in the comfort of your own home. Be sure to engage with us on Facebook to see what other people have created.

Promotional Flyer for Community Health Engagement by WISE Health

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WISE Health Community Health Engagement

Advancing Health Equity Through Community Engagement

WISE Health specializes in creating innovative engagement strategies designed to advance health equity within communities of color. We focus on meeting people where they live, work, play and pray.

  • Community Health Pop-Up
    • Design and redefine what a street/community-based care experience can look like.
  • Health Education/Training
    • Tailored capacity building workshops to inform your impact.
  • Consulting Services
    • Innovative strategies created to advance health equity in your community.
  • Community Participatory Approaches
    • Center community voices to guide your approach.

Program Courses

90 minutes
Engagement Strategies To Reach African American Seniors With HIV
Gain in-depth insight into creating strategies that will reach African American seniors living...
100 minutes
Engagement Strategies To Reach Transgender & Homeless Populations
Gain in-depth insight into how the right strategy can increase access to adequate health within...
90 minutes
Increasing Sexual Health Education And Communication Within African...
Gain in-depth insight into sexual health education in San Francisco and the impact it has on the...
100 minutes
Increasing HIV Prevention & Treatment in Black Communities
Gain in-depth insight on effective ways to engage African American communities on HIV treatment...