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The San Francisco Community Health Academy, or Academy for short, is a collective of various San Francisco-based community health education programs. Below, you will find information about each of the programs that helps form the Academy collective.

The Academy also offers a unique training program with a core curriculum aimed towards developing transferable public health skills through a racial equity lens. The Academy’s training program is a free health education program that is offered in Spanish and English and designed for community health workers and promotorxs de salud. The Academy training program centers the intersections of health disparities with a core curriculum focused on health equity. Academy facilitators come from various organizations across San Francisco, including the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, San Francisco Community Health Center, and the San Francisco Department of Public Health.




Affiliated Programs

The Community Health Leadership Initiative (CHLI) provides free training and mentorship for people who are interested in starting a career in the sexual health or substance use field. We also provide opportunities for experienced workers to mentor the future workforce.

The Frontline Organizing Group Mentor Program (FMP) is a program of CHLI. FMP is designed to build the capacity of HIV frontline workers to best support their clients by stimulating professional relationships in support of cross-agency collaboration and investing in workers’ professional development and career growth.

Please visit the CHLI homepage to learn how to get involved with CHLI and FMP. If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please reach out to Katie Faulkner, CHLI Director, at

The STI/HIV/HCV Skills Certification Training is a five day community-building and learning experience. Throughout the week, learners will engage in rich conversations, share educational moments, participate in interactive activities, observe and perform role plays, and practice hands-on experiences that will provide them with:

  • Health information pertinent to supporting clients making informed choices regarding their STI/HIV/HCV prevention/transmission concerns
  • Basic counseling skills to assist in creating a therapeutic environment to hear client stories with a new perspective
  • Technical skills to prepare to collect blood through a fingerstick and be able to run and interpret results for specific Hep-C and HIV rapid tests

For more information on the training, please visit our homepage.


WISE Health, founded in 2015, aims to work with organizations to design, implement, and evaluate solutions to major public health issues. The model for WISE Health was created as a result of the overwhelming and constant observations of the need for more innovative, tailored, and relevant approaches to health and wellness for vulnerable populations living throughout the Bay Area. It is our belief that community and technology-driven innovation can improve health outcomes, create healthy communities, and inform health policies.

For more information on the WISE Health workshop series, please visit the WISE Health homepage.

Program Courses

2.5 hours
August 26th - 30th HCV/HIV/STI Overdose Prevention Test Counselor...
This online course provides the information that forms the foundation for the HCV/HIV/STI...
8 hours
HIV Worker Onboarding Series
Welcome to the Academy's HIV worker onboarding series. This series will provide you with a...
2 hours
STIs 101: What You Need to Know
June 3rd - 7th HCV/HIV/STI Overdose Prevention Test Counselor...
10.5 hours
Sexual & Drug User Health Onboarding Series
This series will provide you with a baseline knowledge of essential information that will support...
2 hours
Latinx HAP ONLY: 04.09.2024 10 am - 12 pm TA Training: Drugs 101 -...
This session focuses on basic knowledge about the drugs that are commonly used by participants at...
2 hours
Latinx HAP ONLY: 04.02.2024 10 am - 12 pm TA Training: Foundations...
This training will provide health and human service providers with a comprehensive overview of...
20 minutes
Covered California Open Enrollment Basics 2023
20 minutes
Medi-Cal Update 2023
20 minutes
Medicare Open Enrollment Basics 2023
2 hours
November 13th-17th HCV/HIV/STI Overdose Prevention Test Counselor...
This is a online Pre-Course training for the in-person November 13th-17th. This pre-course will...
Onboarding Training Depot
Welcome to the RADR Onboarding Training Depot, where you can find resources to support onboarding...
15 minutes
Integrating PrEP and PEP into Partner Services
This course is designed to give Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) the tools they need to...
1 hour
Staying Resilient and Delivering Patient Care
This training covers trauma-informed care and building resilience.
45 minutes
Boots on the Ground Part 1: Foundational Epidemiology
This course is an introduction to epidemiology. 
90 minutes
Engagement Strategies To Reach African American Seniors With HIV
Gain in-depth insight into creating strategies that will reach African American seniors living...
100 minutes
Engagement Strategies To Reach Transgender & Homeless Populations
Gain in-depth insight into how the right strategy can increase access to adequate health within...
90 minutes
Increasing Sexual Health Education And Communication Within African...
Gain in-depth insight into sexual health education in San Francisco and the impact it has on the...
10 hours
STIs 101
Learn the basics of common sexually transmitted infections.
100 minutes
Increasing HIV Prevention & Treatment in Black Communities
Gain in-depth insight on effective ways to engage African American communities on HIV treatment...
1 hour
Acknowledging Gender and Sex
In this course, participants will learn strategies to improve the overall health and well-being...
30 minutes
DoxyPEP STI Prevention
Prevent Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia with taking doxycycline with 72 hours after sexual...
Embajadorxs de Vacunas
El programa de embajadorxs de vacunas se enfoca en educar e informar a lxs miembros de nuestra...
Beneficios y Navegación
En esta capacitación, Maria de Lourdes Richardson del Independent Living Resource Center nos...
SOGI & Demographics
The purpose of the training is to have an understanding of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity...
Benefits and Navigation
In this training workshop Maria de Lourdes Richardson from the Independent Living Resource Center...
Reducción de daños y más
La reducción de daños es una herramienta importante para proporcionar la atención centrada en...
Entrevistas Motivicionales
Las entrevistas motivacionales son clave para proporcionar atención centrada en el/la/x cliente,...
Vaccine Ambassador
The Vaccine Ambassadors program focuses on educating and informing members of our community about...
Reunión Comunitaria sobre la Viruela del Mono
La viruela del mono o MPX, está circulando en nuestra comunidad. Con la cantidad de...
Cómo Apoyar a las Comunidades Indocumentadas
To address health disparities across the U.S., we must identify how immigration status impacts...
De-escalation and Conflict Management
De-escalation is a technique used during a conflict in an attempt to reduce the chances of harm...
1 hour
Holistically Whole—Trauma Informed Care
Trauma informs many aspects of our community members’ lives and the ways we navigate our...
Meaningful Youth Collaboration
When working with younger folks we sometimes may think that as adults we know more just by...
1 hour
Harm Reduction and Beyond
Harm reduction is an important tool in providing person-centered care, reducing stigma associated...
2.5 hours
Gender-Affirming Care and Supporting Transgender Communities
Gender-affirming care reduces stress, improves mental health, and closes health disparities that...
30-35 minutes
SF Public Library Resume Building Workshop
In this introductory workshop, participants will explore professional tips and tools necessary...
30-45 minutes
Sexual Health & Sex Positivity Workshop
In this workshop participants will explore sexual health topics through the lens of...
1 hour
Community Health Leadership Initiative Welcome Meeting
The CHLI Welcome Orientation serves as a brief overview of the CHLI Training and mentorship...