Learning Resource Center

LearnSFDPH is a collaborative learning space hosted by the San Francisco Department of Public Health for community partners. Our trainings center health equity and aim to strengthen the capacity of the public health workforce.



We collaborate with community partners to develop trainings for public health workers. Select a program to learn more about their offerings.
Reserve for Accelerated Disease Response (RADR)
RADR (Reserve for Accelerated Disease Response) is part of the San Francisco Department of Public Health within the Population Health Division. Following the global pandemic, our DIS workforce needs resources and support to understand, pivot, and respond to...
Community Health Leadership Initiative (CHLI)
CHLI is a structural change initiative which serves as the connective tissue between the existing workforce development assets and the need that exists in the sexual and drug user health arena.
LINCS Program
The goal of the LINCS program is to provide and coordinate comprehensive linkage to care, partner services, and care navigation for people who test positive for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and syphilis in San...
HIV Test Counselor Training
A five-day training where learners will be immersed in a community-building/learning experience that will provide them with the skills and knowledge to better support people that are going through complex life moments regarding their substance use, sexual...