Sexual Health & Sex Positivity Workshop

Facilitator: Joshua Oneal

In this workshop participants will explore sexual health topics through the lens of sex positivity and harm reduction. Participants in this workshop will define sexual health and unpack how their own relationship with sex and sexuality impacts their ability to connect with and support others. In addition we will discuss sexual health disparities and best practices in combating these disparities through counseling, education and prevention efforts.

Community Health Leadership Initiative Welcome Meeting

Facilitator: Terrance Walker & Katie Faulkner

The CHLI Welcome Orientation serves as a brief overview of the CHLI Training and mentorship program. It provides background information on the program objectives, expectations, as well as participants and mentors responsibilities.

Tenderloin Response Onboarding Essentials

Please complete this training before your first shift. In order to receive a certificate, you need to watch all the videos and be sure to mark complete on each of them.