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    Take some time to reflect back on what you learned and answer the following questions:

    1)    How did you find the experience of completing the Blueprint? What did you like/dislike? Describe some ways that you might use the Blueprint with your research team to plan for future trials.

    2)    In completing your Blueprint, did any questions come up that you would like feedback on from the group? For instance, would you like ideas for how to engage particular stakeholders on a specific topic?

    3)    Lastly, how has your understanding of GPP changed since you first enrolled in the course? What did you learn that surprised you?

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      I would like to say congratulate the team for putting together the GPP online training course. Thank you for feedback from my lesson from Anne and team. I will bring your good comment to our clinical trial working in near future.
      For the GPP Blueprint, I think it useful for my work because the tool is quite clear on how to practice in order to following GPP via steps by steps.
      For more understanding in this tools, I think. You should be added an example of study trial that using the Blueprint tool. (An example of competition on the Blueprint will help us to more understanding in the shot time period).
      Thank you very much.


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      Completing the blue print has been quite an experience! It is not a straight path to the end of process. It takes a back and forth Arrangement reflecting on the different stages of the process. It is not a one man show!! It involves team/stakeholders effort to complete. It is an investment plan.


      I am surprised to learn that community/stakeholder engagement takes a systematic approach and can be closely monitored.

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      The experience of working with a blue print was exciting! the blue print is a tool that after completion you realise that you have tackled all that there is in the GPP book.During the course the blue print was hard to tackle but as we concluded after going through all lesson, it became lighter to fill the blueprint.All earlier lessons fill in the blueprint and it looks at real planned activities for implementation for a clinical trial which work we have been doing at the site. The GPP print, I must say is a brilliant idea.

      There is section where we worked on the stakeholder’s grid, this help me to appreciate the value of categorizing the stakeholders so that we can work with them better.

      The course has re-emphasized much of the my GPP knowledge and how to work with stakeholders better in a more focused manner.

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      John Mdluli

      Firstly, I must congratulate the  team for putting  together the GPP blueprint that provided us with the framework on how the GPP guidelines can be implemented. The blueprint provided us with the guidance on how the program Goals, Objectives, Activities including Deliverables and Indicators can be link during the program designing and  implementation.  It provided us with the guidance on how to develop “SMART” objectives. I have also learned about the importance of using the previously developed stakeholder data-base to prepare for the future stakeholder data-base. It was key to learn about the different levels and types of stakeholders including those with positive interest into the trial  as well as those with conflicting interest. The stakeholder engagement template for use in the development of community engagement plan was very useful. The use of stakeholder Priority Grid to prioritise stakeholders according to the following four categories: Quadrant 1-Partener, Quadrant 2-Involve, Quadrant 3-Inform and Quadrant 4-Consider was important and very useful. Lastly  it was important to learn about the develop of issues management plan and how to identify potential threats early in a trial and plan for such threats well in advance.

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      In first time when I saw Blueprint, I feel it hard to understand. I need to read again and again. I try to search example in website but not found. Around module 3-4 that I feel fine and engage in GPP blueprint. I think this tool useful for everyone who work in clinical field not only prevention trial. It should expand to treatment trial because community engagement important for study. I like everyone who have discussed in forum and great idea for me. Thank you for feedback from my lesson from Anne and team. I will bring your good comment to my work in future.

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      Going through all the lessons and assignments made completion of the Blueprint a lot easier since so much of it was discussed or developed in the earlier modules. Not being at a site, however, made many of the assignments and the Blueprint more challenging.  While, I have been involved with GPP for a long time in one form or another, the course helped to reinforce much of my knowledge and think about some aspects in a more focused way.

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      It is very useful for me since I do not have any experience on how to write goal, objective and activity. I can apply it to my job on community engagement plan. I have new knowledge from comment on my work assignment.

      GPP knowledge is same as I used to train. However I found some detail that I have not known from the last training. And it is so detail until I never catch or suspect in last time.

      It is good opportunity for me to learn on GPP again.


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