This is a practical example of a community that highly stigmatize MSM. It is also an indication of lack of proper stakeholders engagement.However I must say that even with proper community  stakeholders engagement such issue might still occur in real life.The welfare of the participant will be paramount  and therefore their health and well being will be assessed,reassured ,treated if indicated and referred for extra care where necessary. To mitigate such a scenario from happening I would convene a stakeholders engagement processes by conducting a proper stakeholders analysis.This would  help me identify who to involve in the process.I could constitute a CAB if non exist.Other members to include would be legal rights groups and the club owners for them to understand the nature of our work.I would work closely with the media at the local level to ensure the population has the right information about our work.The stakeholders identified would best know their roles in the study.An issue management protocol would be useful at this point. If necessary i would work with legal and human right organisations for legal redress.