To sustain engagement with SH after HIV vaccine  trial closure,  The research team and stakeholders will discuss  the availability of HIV testing services to participants after the trial has completed considering that some of them will have VISP following vaccination and provision of education related to VISP to health care providers and general community, since VISP  has been one of issues bringing lots of concerns and misconceptions in our area, therefore it is important to continue engaging them .

As for result dissemination , a plan for result dissemination will be developed in advance with the research team and stakeholders. When the results for the trial are released the site will organise a meeting with stakeholders to develop key messages to be disseminated to the participants, other stake holders and community in general.

In post trial access, the high level health officials in the ministry of health, officials at regional as well as district level are most influential at this stage, since there will be guidelines to be developed on supply or distribution of the product. However the local government and community stake holders will have a special obligation in advocacy and ensuring accessibility  to the trial participants and the trial community in general.