Module 2 was very useful in getting me to think about better distinguishing goals vs objectives vs activities in my work. Sometime I think the line between goals and objectives can be a bit blurred, and I felt this module provided a good thought exercise to more clearly articulate these messages.


–Describe a benefit that you have experienced of conducting stakeholder engagement. For your example, list a measurable indicator or metric  of success.

I’ll share a hopeful benefit from stakeholder engagement I am currently in process of conducting. Note: I do not work in the research/clinical research setting, however, I am finding more and more that GPP is a way of thought that can be applied broadly to other aspects of work/life. That said, I have worked to make stakeholder engagement a priority for my organization as we work to develop new projects and programs. Currently, we are developing a new patient and advocate training program. We are using surveys and one-on-one consultations with stakeholders (including patients, advocates, researchers, and others) to get gauge interest in the material we plan to cover and get input on prioritizing topics for the curriculum.

These stakeholder consultations are a critical part of the development process for us, because this will help ensure that the program we are developing will fulfill areas of need as identified by the communities we are serving. We plan to follow-up with the stakeholders we are engaging now in this initial survey throughout the development and implementation of our training program– this will provide a way to gauge “success” of the program and ensure the program sufficiently addressed stakeholder needs.




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