Terfa Simon

Our research team as constituted at the moment place priority on stakeholders engagement because of the country’s (Nigeria) experience with Pfizer litigation in the past.

Our protocols are reviewed by the ethical review board before commencing any form of implementation.

Relevant national stakeholders are officially communicated for administrative approvals and paid advocacy visits to brief them and share the protocol in acceptable format.

The broader stakeholders which involve associations of medical doctors, nurses and laboratory personnel are engaged during their continue professional education (CPE) sessions.

Community stakeholder engagement is based on two strategies namely demand creation which is focus on potential volunteers and conflict mitigation which deals with individuals and groups that could potentially oppose the trial. The media is involve from the beginning with key message development that is usually reviewed by a broad based Community Advisory Committee constituted for the specific research.

The composition of the team for each assignment is based on team members who have competence, social connection and understanding of the working of the groups and individuals.

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