1) In your own words, describe why stakeholders are an important part of the research process.

Most of researchers do not know well in the area of research such as life style, culture etc. of the community. Research conducting may not smooth well. Community stakeholders know more contexts about their community and they can help researchers to conduct their study for all cycle of study. The example of issues we can get from stakeholders are how to recruit the hard to reach population, what appropriate manner from researcher to do to trial participants, what trial participants really need from researcher, how to manage the rumor etc. Community stakeholders are able to help researcher for all cycle.

2) To what extent does the research team you work with have an understanding of the value of stakeholder engagement? Explain your answer.

Our institute concerns about value of stakeholder engagement very much. We emphasise the importance of stakeholders. We try to follow GPP guideline. We have engagement plan for each study we conduct. We follow topic areas in GPP as well even though we cannot do for all 16 topic areas. We have difference level of researcher to deal with difference level of stakeholders.

We emphasize a lot about value of community advisory mechanism. We consult CAB for all level of study. We have meeting with community every month to update information and consult them about problem we confront with. We join in community activity to maintain good relationship with stakeholders. We educate stakeholder every year.