Hello everyone,

I am Community Engagement Coordinator of the Department of Retrovirology, Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences in Thailand. I work for CAB of the institute. Our CAB has established for 3 years. We used some techniques from GPP to work for CAB.

I am a clinical and community engagement nurse in cohort study in Pattaya, Thailand also. In the part of clinic nurse, I am a counselor in clinic.

In the part of community engagement I am educator and recruiter sometimes. I work in community such as outreach, workshop in bar, and join in community activity such as World AIDS Day activity. I followed GPP guideline in my job. I established the CE plan for each year. I tried to use M&E techniques in the plan also.  I identified stakeholder before making a plan. The plan and real activities are quite well. However I think I still have some problems about identify stakeholder and some activities in the plan such as advisory mechanism.

I hope I can get new ideas and new knowledge to develop my skill to work with stakeholders from the GPP training course. I am glad to have conversation, learn together, share ideas with my new friends in the course also.

Thank you very much.