Ensuring that all stakeholders from the upper most tiers to the all important on the ground staff, requires good quality and consistent information. The importance of stakeholder engagement is expressed across operational protocols and programme plans, which also allows for tracking of what is actually happening at site level and matching this across different sites. As it currently stands there are pre existing stakeholders which are prioritised across all sites, these are key groups targetted regardless of location. Additional stakeholders that are identified by local advocacy partners are decided upon in partnship with the community liaison officer who also assists in the formulation of appropriate activities. The role of the CLO is directly suppported by IPM who provide ongoing capacity building – as well as direct participation in activities to demonstrate support for work happening with communities. This provides a direct link to community members. The Chief Medical Officer for the study also routinely participates in stakeholder engagement activities, which makes a massive difference in terms of truly sharing a common understanding. This is an ongoing effort, requiring regular participation and commitment from all levels.