two people sitting in front of each other, one with pen and paper

Benefits and Navigation

In this training workshop Maria de Lourdes Richardson from the Independent Living Resource Center talks about benefits and insurance navigation. Maria De Lourdes Richardson currently works as a Community Services Coordinator for the Latino community and is a Certified HICAP Counselor.

In this training:

  1. We will discuss between the different types of insurance in San Francisco and in California
  2. We will learn about the differences between Medi-Cal, Medicare, and Medicaid
  3. Spend some time at the end to answer community questions. 

Content Warning

This training will discuss topics that may be difficult to see or hear. Please take care of yourself as you need during this session. The opinions, comments, and expressions of the participants do not reflect those of the San Francisco Community Health Academy, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and the San Francisco Department of Public Health.