1.We are doing PMTCT, which requires us to train, retrain CAB or CAG members on modules and topics related to HIV and AIDS, HIV prevention, Stigma and Discrimina, etc. We educate direct and indirect beneficiaries and all other stakeholders in all the sites of our projects.
– We work with laboratories during voluntary screening, which is an opportunity for blood sampling for scientific research as well as the transfer of data obtained to the hierarchy in real time.
2. There is enough to improve in our work, including:
– Struggle to get patients out of hiding (new and old);
– Fight for zero stigma and discrimina;
– Direct patients to treatment, medical, psychosocial, nutritional and other care;
– Make patients adhere to this package of services that are in their interest;
– Have regular and powerful donors and not those who abandon partners and patients 3-4 years without financial, material and social support!
– Look for all those lost to follow-up who are currently in a state of fall in the disease;
– make active the committee or section of research on HIV and AIDS; And motivate them;
– Availability of ARVs at our level without dependence on health zones; Hospitals and public health posts with insufficient stock;
– Everything is about means, availability, will, commitment, dedication, etc.