GPP – is like a “road map” to a certain/ unknown destination, anyone who want to reach peacefully to that destination in clinical and other research studies should; and in reality MUST follow this beautiful “road map” called GPP – Good Participatory Practices.

GPP is a “Road Map” for a successful, effective and credible clinical trial results, it gives a person (researcher) a peace of mind for the whole period of a research process if followed effectively the way it is required to be done!

Issues and activities concerning trial planning, trial conduct and post-trial conduct are well discussed and elaborated in this “Road Map” called GPP. Anybody who want to be on the safe side of clinical research trials…, who want to be credible in the final destination of his clinical research trial MUST walk the GPP otherwise s/he is going to fall in a very deep and dark pit…! And nobody will see his body remnants again…!

I knew nothing about how to engage stakeholders in clinical trials before joining the GPP Online Course, I always did it in my own way, I had no skills of engaging stakeholders in clinical trials. Today I have the skills and I can do it systematically according to the GPP. Now I can walk the “Road Map” known as GPP in whatever I do concerning stakeholders engagement in clinical trials.

Today, after learning the GPP online course, I have realized that, stakeholders have also a responsibility in protocol development from the beginning. Before enrolling into the GPP online course, I knew that protocol development is ONLY a concern of a research team other stakeholders like CAB or community stakeholders have no room for protocol development at any stage…!

Now, Let Us All, as Community Engagers! Walk The “Road Map” – GPP in Our Daily Clinical Trial Activities in Order to Have Successful, Effective and Credible Research Outcome in Our Sites…!

Thank you Anne, Jesca and the GPP team in general for helping me learn the “Road Map” – GPP
Thank you San Francisco Department of Public Health for the Learning Management System, there is no need of a face-to face facilitator to learn all those lessons…!