An effective team leader knows when to lead and when to follow. Communication skills of listening and attending prove very effective in a setting that requires intervention from every team player. Whenever team players are given a neutral, impartial opportunity to work, it can be amazing what talents and creativity are unleashed. The value of stakeholder engagement cannot be overemphasized. Stakeholder engagement from donor perspective to that of the implementer to thus, the final beneficiary, all have merit for the success of a strategy.

One such example has been with the development of a workplace policy for persons living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. The donors were willing to fund the consultation once there was a wide cross section of stakeholder involvement. So what did that mean for the policy development consultation. Policy makers, government ministries, insurance companies, NGOs, Sero positive persons, persons who were related to other sero positive persons, media, youth, male/female, women and religious were among the groups involved in the development of a policy to guide decisions that would affect the quality of life of persons living with or affected by HIV and AIDS, ensuring that every individual, once qualified, has a fair chance of the job. In the end, the enforcement of such a policy, with such widespread consultation, would prove so much easier.