In my opinion, the best way to do this would be by example. My involvement in HIV activism began recently, when I was invited to be a member of a local CAB (for HPTN 083 in São Paulo, Brazil). Before that I had no clue about, for instance, the history of ACT UP and their role in changing the way researches were conducted. Moreover, until recently I wasn’t even aware about the troubles that affected and halted the first PrEP trials. When I looked into such cases, it became very clear to me why the stakeholder engagement was so important.

Therefore I believe that sharing knowledge about those past cases would prove to be an effective way to put all team members on the same page. That knowledge could come in any number of ways – from small lectures to exhibition of movies such as “How To Survive a Plague”. I also think it’s important to avoid getting too technical, at least in teams such as CABs, which may gather people with all kinds of educational background (the very term “stakeholder engagement” can sound way too much techie for some people). Movies and lectures with accessible language would avoid that.