Initially I knew that engaging stakeholder was important but I didn’t know to what extent we had to engage with them. I knew the mechanisms but I didnt know why or the benefits engaging stakeholders in a study.

I’m extremely excited by what I’ve learnt in this course. It’s all about the stakeholder! It’s all about the community! The success of any study hinges on the success of the trust relationship built with the stakeholders and communities. If research teams widden their scope to look beyond the facts and figures and actually look to serve the community they are working in, it leaves a lasting impact and causes social change. And finally I’m looking forward to working on the M&E component.

There wasn’t any one thing that surprised me rather than a coming together of different aspects and seing how the whole study process and GPP come together and compliment each other.

Thanks Anne and Jessica for communicating your passion for GPP to me. Thank you also for your patience.