During the set-up of one of our studies, we organized a CAB meeting with the known (at least known by the site) CAB representatives of one of our selected sites. The organization of the meeting was done by the site – as they had the contacts and were in the position to organize such meeting (which took place at the site). As a sponsor we did not have a lot of experience yet with interacting with CAB’s and local external stakeholders. Even though the meeting was organized by the site from a logistical point of view, the sponsor took the lead in providing the information and leading the discussions. Looking back, that meeting was quite successful.  Not only are the site relationships with that site quite good and more informal, recruitment, quality and performance is slightly better than compared to sites in the same region. While – most probably – also additional reasons are at the basis of this difference, I tend to think that organizing this CAB meeting at this particular place, and with that the direct involvement of local subject population representatives, lead to a more thorough understanding of the site/patient relationship, better management of expectations and ultimately collaboration.