Sad i have missed alot, had challenges with my internet.

Through my observation i would not say that my entire research team have an understanding of the value of GPP.

personally, the first time i came across the GPP guideliness was when i participated in Engagement Forum 2015 facilitated by Jessica, Stacy and their friends in South Africa.
The first time i got that small powerful book/bible, i understood why sometimes we have challenges in getting the intended results, surport, colaborations or involvent in our trials.

GPP guideliness are a poweful tool or a road map that would help to make any trials even in a difficult enviroment to yield the needed result. GPP guidelines are like a balanced diet, it covers the requirements/needs for all stakeholders.

Personally am so excited to have this opportunity to learn these powerful principles in the GPP guidelines.

I feel my research site team has some knowledge on on the stakeholder engagement but not the full knowledge on GPP. On the other hand i feel somehow we partily practice GPP guideline without knowing.

I feel the GPP team still has a long way to take these GPP guidelines around the world for the good all.

I also feel the GPP team shoul consider introducing a degree on this GPP online course

Thank you