Social media has never had any impact on our site due to the nature of the targeted research participants. Majority of them are illiterate and/or with low access to the smart phones. We do not engage with  the general media in our research process though we  invite them during our major events such us World AID’S Day activities.

One time we had a sensational media  report coverage in our site concerning a couple who learned that their daughters had come to our site to sell blood. They came and created a scene which attracted the media and the general crowd. They went to the police station to report that their daughters had been bled to death and they were under age..

The police accompanied them to the site and discovered that the two daughters were alive and healthy  aged 20, 22 years of age with children

In response to this, we called for an urgent CAB meeting where we addressed the matter and gave them a clear picture of the whole situation. The  CAB then planned for a meeting with the local community leaders and the National local media house representatives.

The correct information was given and time was given to ask questions and address their concerns.

This course will empower us on skills of Communication plan,to train CAB members and the research staffs on site’s communication and issues management plans. I feel great.