Agnes Nondo

Our site has not been involved in PrEP, however thinking of what might be similar or different to the introduction and possible scale up of the efficacius microbicide is mainly lack of political will. It is one important  factor that could affect the introduction and roll out of the efficacius microbicide.  Zambia is a young democratic country with a lot of several political parties in the policy making insitution, which  results in  anachy in policy delivery. While the health system is conducive with adequate manpower, the Ministry can not do much even of the regulatory authourites granted approval timely.

I was involved in a trial where we disemminated results to all stake holders. It has been the most joyous period of my life as a research personnel. I came to appreciate the importance  of stakeholder engagement in the disemination of research results. Lesson learned was that every stakeholder at all levels must be involved and their expected role and contribution to be considered.