Agnes Nondo

In response to the two questions from Erikan. -TO distinguish, a goal, objective. activity- the word objective and goals are rather confusing because they both describe a thing that ons wants to achieve but with the explanation from lesson 2,  they mean different things.

– A goal is a general statement , it describes a big picture  of a target

An Objective- is a specific result achieved from a set of activities to accomplish  goal. An objective must be SMART- i.e Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely

An activity -describes the process of what when how how many times an action will done to support the objective

question 2- the two benefits of engaging stake holders through the entire process- Involving  stake holders can build trust which can ultimately lead to support for both the study and the participants

2. it can lead to transparency and that can lead to better decision making

Consequences of not meaningfully involving stakeholders-if there is no trust it will be very difficult  for the study to penetrate the community,  it will not be possible for the study to re-strategies in case of failures at any stage of the study as they will no one to provide check and balances through the life cycle of the project.

The measurable indicators for example 1-increased numbers  , increase number of recruitment materials distributed,increased numbers of screening recruitment, reduced or no  rumors and misconceptions and good retention rate.

2. improved retention rate if they were low , improved retention, timely effective implementation of protocol, stakeholder engagement plan and community working plan plan amendments