Annual Training for Authorized Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers 2023

This training reviews the basic responsibilities of Authorized Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers in San Francisco. Topics covered include updates to the City’s Cross-Connection Control Program, obtaining backflow tags, using CCAMS, maintaining a permit to operate, tester violations and enforcement, and tester responsibilities.


  1. Watch all five videos from the annual training. If you need to stop and come back later, please complete the video that you are on to prevent having to rewatch it when you return. You may download the transcripts of the videos on the lesson pages. Click on the cc button on the lower right hand corner of the video to turn on closed captions.
  2. After completing each video, select “next lesson” to record completion and to proceed to the next video.
  3. You may view the Q&A from the live webinar when you get to Video 5.
  4. Complete the quiz with a score of 90%. You will be allowed to retake the quiz if you do not pass.
  5. Click on the “Click here to complete” button upon completing the quiz. You will be redirected to your “My Learning” dashboard, where you can download your certificate to save for your records.